Teen/Adolescent Therapy

Teens/Adolescents are at such a crucial time in their lives.  The teens' actions, feelings, and/or thoughts determine their reality; and, if not healthy, can regularly create obstacles in their lives. Everyone has times when they think or feel something that they don't like, and our caring, skilled staff provides teens with a safe space to express themselves and talk about the things that are bothering them or that they are experiencing without fear of being judged or labeled. Our therapists also allow teens to be open and honest about their feelings and thoughts in a safe setting. 

Teens face significant issues and stressors, including depression, anxiety, social/academic demands, online/social media pressures, self-esteem, bullying, grief/loss, divorce, chronic illness, sexual orientation, gender identity, and perfectionism.  Our caring, open, accepting therapists are here to provide support, coping skills, and constructive problem solving through a skilled diagnostic assessment using the most up-to-date researched treatment methods to create real and lasting change for teens.  

Our therapists will utilize whatever platform is most beneficial for the teen- Zoom, FaceTime, Go-to-Meeting, phone, etc. Your teen therapist will partner with you in making real and lasting change via a didactic, interpersonal, and collaborative process.   When you contact our office, our attentive staff will take great care to ensure that your teens' unique concerns are well-matched to one of our skilled therapists.  A good fit between teen and therapist is one of the greatest indicators of success in therapy, and we pride ourselves on ensuring a good fit between teen and therapist. We want lasting change for your teen, and our committed therapists are here for you.