Executive Development Coaching

You, your company, your business. The goal? To be upwardly-mobile, happy, and successful-- all while increasing revenue and job/life satisfaction. Whether at the individual, team, or organizational level, we want to assist you as a highly motivated, upwardly mobile, educated, generally healthy person to become even more exceptional in your professional and personal life. Executive development coaching involves assessing strengths and recognizing areas for further growth. Having us on your development team is like having a personal trainer—you can't get strategically stronger without pointed guidance. 

For your team and organization, we are skilled at providing emotional intelligence training, coaching mentors/managers, and training managers as coaches through both group presentations, workshops, and individual coaching sessions. We examine personal growth through systems/processes/strategy changes. We teach conflict management and resolution and constantly provide support, objective feedback, motivation, and accountability for the professional who wants to live an exceptional life. At The Rock Counseling Group, we will work with you to develop leadership skills that grow your career and enhance your life.