Solution-Focused Mediation

Divorce or separation is never easy—and even less so with children involved. Our professionally certified and trained mediator, RJ McNicholl, is here to walk you through this highly effective, cost-saving process that can minimize or limit time spent in court. Through solution-focused mediation, couples can learn to implement strategies to help resolve disagreements with the issues in their divorce and develop court-supported parenting plans that are in the children's best interest.  

Choosing mediation allows separating or divorcing couples to take control of planning their own lives and make safe and effective decisions about their future. It is especially beneficial for parents, who, though separating, will need to continue making co-parenting decisions about their children well into the future. The process and the skills learned in mediation can serve as a model for future communications well after a divorce or separation is final. Mediated settlement agreements and parenting plans have consistently higher success and follow-through rates because both parties have had an equal part in creating an agreement that takes into consideration the strengths and individual components of each situation. 

Through your neutral third-party mediator, effective communication will be paramount and ensured by making sure each party is given an uninterrupted time to speak.  Each party will be asked to restate or explain a point when necessary, and your skilled mediator will ask questions to make communication clear to all. The ultimate goal is to achieve a mutually agreeable outcome for both parties while providing information about the legal system and process, how lawyers or judges may view issues, and what alternatives there are for resolving issues.