Family Therapy

Family therapy involves some or all members of a family unit meeting together with the therapist to identify and direct change towards historically problematic patterns of behaving and functioning using the most individualized, up-to-date, and researched treatment methods. Ideally, no members are omitted but know that improvements are possible even if not all family members are able or willing to participate.  

When you contact our office, our attentive staff will take great care to ensure that your families' unique concerns are well-matched to one of our skilled therapists.  A good fit with your family therapist is one of the greatest indicators of success in therapy, and we pride ourselves on ensuring a good fit between all members of the family unit and therapist.  

During the initial family session, your family therapist will work with your family to engage in a skilled diagnostic assessment to determine the issues, problems, and concerns that each family member would like to improve and target.  Family therapy assists in identifying complex family relationships and the problematic patterns that can occur and offers the opportunity for exploring alternative choices.  

Communication problems are often focused on. An important goal of family therapy is to facilitate clarity in communicating with one another. It is very important for each member participating in family therapy to be given a voice in the process so the family can change unhealthy perspectives and behavioral choices to move towards more functional and helpful ones.   

Your family therapist will partner with you in changing these patterns. In subsequent sessions, your families' unique goals will be consistently monitored and updated as needed, maintaining a view of the desired outcome.  Sessions are didactic, interpersonal, and collaborative, with all family members given the opportunity to speak, practice new communication patterns, and interact more effectively with one another. Your family and your therapist may work together for just a few sessions or as long as several years, depending on your families' unique needs and goals for therapy.  We are here for you and your family and want to create positive change and improvements that you can see and notice in your daily interactions.